Responsive Website Design and Development

Client: Dr. Michelle Speranza

Brief: Dr. Michelle Speranza came to me with the desire to create an online hub of resources and information for people suffering through symptoms of a disfunction of the autonomic nervous system. She wanted an easy to use and read website that allowed people unfamiliar with the topic to gain information quickly.

Solution: Developing a structure and layout for easy scanning and browsing through the information. We broke each page down into easy to digest peices with clear guiding headlines that speak to her readers.

We used WordPress to create an easy to edit platform that will allow her to update content and add blog posts frequently. Michelle also recieved training on how to use and edit her text, images and links, as well as write and add blog posts.

Personal connection with direct Contact

We created a space where people can make a more personal connection with Michelle. Building some trust while sharing her story and mission.

Readers also are given the opportunity to ask direct questions about what they are learning to start the conversation.

Call to Action to book an Appointment

As a strategy to reach more clients, we create an easy process to request a consultation, which triggers the start of her clinics’ booking system.

The booking page gives the reader a clear idea of what to expect, increasing confidence in taking the next step, thus increasing her conversion. This creates a strong and easy call to action on this information based website.